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King Sized Mattress Sets

Fit for a king, queen and everyone in between, a king sized mattress set is perfect for anyone looking for a royal sleeping experience. At 78 inches wide and 80 inches long, a standard king sized mattress set provides more than enough room for couples or for the solo sleeper. The standard size king mattress is sometimes referred to as an Eastern king.

King Sized Mattress Sets

There some specialty sized king mattresses that are still in service but not as common as the standard size. Often referred to as Western king or California king this specialty size king mattress measures 72 inches by 84 inches. This size mattress is more commonly called a Tall Man King in reference to the extra 4 inches of length.

Because a king mattress set is long large, the foundation or box spring will never come in one piece. The foundation or box spring will come in two pieces and this is why having a proper bed frame is so important. To facilitate moving the bed, queen size foundations and box springs can also be purchased in two pieces. Whether you have a queen size or king size mattress set, the frame should be designed with a proper center support system.

The center support system serves a very important function. Without enough support under the foundation, the bed is likely to sag or even collapse. This is especially true with two piece foundations. The support system should have center legs. The center legs help transfer the weight of the bed to the floor, providing a stable platform for your bed. If you own an older frame that does not have a center support system, there may not be a need to buy a new frame. Using an aftermarket lift kit, you can modify your existing frame to safely accommodate your mattress set.

Getting the Most from Your King Sized Mattress Set

At, when always recommend using a quality mattress protector. A mattress protector encases the entire mattress which helps prevent dirt, stains and dust mites from shortening the usable life of your new mattress. Our mattress protectors are machine washable and are well worth the cost. offers many other bedding accessories that will enhance your sleeping experience. A fine quality quilted mattress pads will add another layer of comfort. Unlike an electric blanket our mattress heaters and flannel bed sheets keep you snug and warm on those cold nights. Our full line of high thread count sheets sets and designer bed sheets will are designed with your comfort and your budget in mind.

King Sized Mattress Styles

For many years, most mattresses were designed and manufactured in more or less the same way. An innerspring core would be covered in padding and fabric ticking. Box springs consisted of a wooden frame and coil support springs and covered in a matching fabric. Over the last 50 years or so, mattress designs have changed, offering consumers more choices and greater sleeping comfort.

Plush top and pillow top mattresses have become extremely popular as have the newer European style mattresses. More traditional flat top mattresses still sale very well and have a distinct advantage in that the mattress can be flipped. Even the most expensive mattress will wear out over time, padding materials will compress and springs will wear out.

Since all mattresses can are prone to take a set over time, flipping can help extend the usable life of your mattress. Some plush top and pillow top mattresses are two sided and can be flipped. Most Euro top mattresses are not able to be flipped but can be rotated 180 degrees. While not as effective as flipping, rotating your mattress can still help to keep it from wearing out prematurely.

Support and Comfort, Firm or Soft

Since we spend close to one third of our lives in bed, the primary reason for choosing a mattress is to properly support the weight of your body. Of course spending 20 or 30 years in bed should also be a comfortable and restful experience. So choosing the right mattress involves striking the proper balance between support and comfort. Even though a firm may be supportive, it might not provide you with the comfort you need to get a good night’s sleep.

Mattress retailers are always asked which type of mattress is better for the back. There have been a number of studies done and still the debate over what type of mattress is better for your back goes on. Even with the tremendous amount of research that has been done, there does not seem to be a hard and fast rule about firmness. Consumer research indicates that the number one reason consumers choose one type of mattress over another is support. Some recent studies suggest that a good rule of thumb when selecting the right mattress is if it feels good, use it.

King Mattress Size Chart
Standard King Size 78 inches wide by 80 inches long
California or Western King Size 72 inches wide by 84 inches long
Tall Man King Size 72 inches wide by 84 inches long